First Times: Cruising

In a little over a month I’m going to be cruising around the Norwegian Fjords and I can’t wait. This got me thinking about the first cruise I went on.

The first time we went with Princess Cruises and we went to Bruges, Copenhagen and Oslo. I was a little apprehensive because cruises are stereotyped as being for old people. I have just turned 18 so was all about going out and drinking. A cruise just sounded so boring to me.

I had the best time on the cruise. Better than I could have imagined. The staff couldn’t do enough for you. The rooms were always spotless and your bed is turned down every night with a chocolate on your pillow. I couldn’t fault the service.

There’s so many different restaurants to eat in and a 24 hour cafe so you can eat at anytime. There’s proper waiter service restaurants, a buffet style restaurant and little outlets next to the pool that have pizza, ice cream and a bbq.

There’s so much to do on board. Me and my mum were all about the competitions because they were some good prizes. There’s shows and films on in the theatre. A range of different shops. Different bars and a Nightclub. There’s things I’m definitely going to try this time like the gym and mini golf.

The places we went to were amazing. In Bruges we went on a tour that we paid for through the cruise company so we got picked up from the docks and went to a castle and, had a guided tour. Then we had some free time in this little village which was cute and I never would have gone myself and finally we went to a chocolate factory.

Copenhagen was lovely but rained constantly. We went on a boat tour and I love these. Also, we visited the Tivolli Gardens I think it was which I like a old theme park with gardens, cafes and shops. Copenhagen was also home to Hans Christian Anderson who wrote lots of children’s fairytales and there are statues of the characters like The Little Mermaid in city.

Oslo was one of the the best places I’ve been, the journey into Oslo is beautiful as you go through some of the Fjords. We got a boat from the main city to a island which had some museums on. Went to a viking museum and a museum that was set out like an old village which was really interesting and similar to The Black Country Living Museum. The main city was surprisingly quiet for a capital city. There’s some nice shops but they are expensive but all the people were lovely and I can’t wait to go back. They are beautiful countries.

If would like more detail about the ship experience etc please let me know and I can do another post.

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