Soph X Revolution

Not going to lie when I first saw Soph’s video I wasn’t very excited for the eyeshadow palette personally but I did really like the look of the lipsticks especially Fudge. Originally, I was only going to get Fudge but my fiance kindly surprised me with the palette and the lipsticks in Syrup and Fudge.

I’ve used the palette a few times now and I love it. The colours in it are nothing like anything I have and I loved the sunset Eye look that Soph did. I tried to do it myself but it didn’t go well. I think it’s got everything you need you have transition shades and then pops of colour. Now it’s summer I’m trying to use more colour and I find myself going to this palette a lot. It has a massive mirror which is great. It think it’s great that it’s so affordable because I look at other YouTuber collabs and some stuff is so expensive. The palette is £10 and the lipsticks are £4 each.

I have used Syrup so much. For me it’s that perfect nudey brown. I haven’t even worn Fudge yet but I think it would be great for autumn /winter. They are a very creamy formula so if your really into matte lipsticks it might not be for you. They are really comfortable to wear. I just wish they did a matching lip liner for them because personally I wear lip liner with everything. But they do last well. The packaging is so instragram-able.

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