First Times: Makeover Photo Shoot

I’ve been seeing a lot of adverts on my Facebook for this Makeover experience days where you get your hair and makeup done, and your pictures took by a photographer. One of the adverts was for a competition. I entered and ‘won’, I read into it a lot of these competitions tell people they have won to get them in.

I went to the shoot with my mum. I loved how my hair and makeup turned out, it looked amazing. I enjoyed the experience of the Makeover and getting my pictures taken. There were looks of different back drops and props. The photographer was great at directing you to get the best shot. We had three outfit changes but you could do more. Everyone made me feel very comfortable. However, you kinda felt like you were being rushed as when we were getting our makeup done and the next person were getting their hair done. It felt like they couldn’t wait to get the next people in.

The photos turned out great and I loved some of the ones of me (unusual for me). The lady then explained the packages to us. Some of them costing nearly £1000 which really shocked me as I have just booked a wedding photographer for £700 and get a lot more included in that. The cheapest option as about £300 for 8 photos. The free one they offer you is the first picture they take of you which is in front of a plain white background and generally looks worst than the rest. My mum ended up paying £175 for 5 photos. It kind of left a bad taste in my mouth about the experience. I don’t see why they can’t say like £100 you can have all you photos on a disc. I know £100 is still a lot for some people but the prices they give you are ridiculous and all they do with your pictures after is delete them.

Would love to know if anyone else has been for one of these experiences.

*I went to Chique Photography in Sheffield if anyone wants to know.

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