First Times: Going to Wembley

You probably don’t know but I am a massive football fan and an even bigger Rotherham United fan. I got the chance to see them play at Wembley.

I had never been before but it’s every fans dream to see they club play at Wembley. I was surprised at the view we got for the money we paid, I paid £30 for my ticket and has a great view from behind the goal. I definitely wouldn’t have paid £80 a ticket.

I always get nervous going to London as I have really bad anxiety and think something bad will happen. We got to the ground and Sam bought a flat pint of Carlsberg for £5.

We sat down and it felt so surreal,it’s is so massive. We hadn’t nearly filled the stadium so love to hear it when it’s sold out. There was still a great atmosphere.

I had an amazing day out and even better that we won. The travelling was a lot for me. I mean it was only a couple of hours from Doncaster to King’s Cross but when it’s packed, boiling and have to stand all the way, it’s a lot. I would consider going on the coach next time.

If you get the opportunity to go, do it! It’s worth it, even just for the pics for the gram. Haha.

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