I went wedding dress shopping

I had a day off today and my mum took me look at dresses. I thought I was just looking but I ended up trying a couple on. I have watched loads of episodes of Say Yes To The Dress and I was expecting to feeling something, anything.

I don’t know, I just felt out of place and out of character. I felt like an imposter, I shouldn’t be in this dress. I feel like Im going to have to pretend I’m something I’m not in a wedding dress. Don’t get me wrong, the dresses were lovely.

I’m not a girly girl, I like girly things like makeup but in dress sense I like to think I’m not a girly girl. I work in a office in a warehouse, I go to work with a high viz and safety boots. I prefer to talk to the men I work with about football. If could wear jeans and a nice top to my wedding, I’d be happy. If I could wear my pajamas I’d be extatic.

All I can think about is the practicality of these dresses. Like, I’m going to have to take the whole dress off to go the bathroom, I’m going to tread on it and get it mucky. It’s freaking me out so much. I mean, I’ve seen people on TV go on about the experience they had in bridal shops with the staff but I can honestly say the girls in the shop with so nice. The girl that helped me was lovely and we were talking about random stuff but when I saw myself in a dress a looked like a child playing dress up.

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