Being in a relationship, yet feeling alone…

I’ve never had this feeling before, I’m in a very happy relationship but I’m feeling lonely. Not anything to do with my relationship but outside of my relationship I have little to no friends.

On the days I spend without my partner I’d love to be chatting to friends and arrangings outings but instead I spend my time in bed with YouTube as my only friend. I only recently realised how far I have drifted from people I used to consider close friends and the only things I know about them is things they post on social media. I can’t blame anyone, everyone has their own life and I have tried to reach to them and it only lasts one conversation. I don’t think I help myself because I don’t like to message people too often incase I’m bothering them.

It hurts me to think someone I used to speak to nearly everyday wouldn’t even smile at me if we past in the street. I just want to have some life outside of my relationship because my partner has friends he can talk about things and meet up with. Am I being selfish? I’m not sure what to do, try to reconnect with old friends or try and meet new friends…

2 thoughts on “Being in a relationship, yet feeling alone…”

  1. You’re not selfish at all, people are social by nature (with a few exceptions). I can’t really offer much advice, as my loneliness is kind of the other way round (not completely happy relationship but a fair few friends- still feel lonely and like I have no one to talk to). Maybe try reconnecting with some old people from your life? You’d be surprised how many people would like to get back in touch. You’re not alone.

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    1. Thanks, I appreciate it. I’m not outgoing at all I’d rather hide in the corner, that doesn’t help. I thought my blog might help me connect with new people but I’ve had little luck so far. I’m sorry you don’t feel entirely happy in your relationship I bet that’s hard.

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