Beauty For All

Hi, long time no see. As may of you know I spend a lot of time harping on about my want to help people. After I lot of thinking I have jumped in the deep and I’m starting Beauty For All.

I’m lucky enough to be able to go out and, buy makeup and cosmetics when I need to but some people don’t have the opportunity to. I know how much more confident I feel when I freshly made up so I know how much it could benefit the people that need them.

I contacted a local women’s shelter who said they would gladly accept any unused items. I want to collect items to pass on to them.

I started a Go Fund Me to help me rise a little bit of cash so I can rent a Po box so people can send their products, and I can sort them out and give them to the charity. If any of you want to support me and spare me a few pennies please visit my Go Fund Me.

If you want to get involved yourself. If you have any unused makeup, toiletries or sanitary products try contacting your local women’s shelter and ask if you can donate these items.

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